Jamie's HouseCharter Schools


At Jamie's House Charter Schools we believe that: "The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives." We will provide each student with excellent instruction and encourage positive growth in a safe and healthy environment. Students will be challenged to become responsible citizens while building valuable and transferable life skills.



    Pursuant to the TEC 12.115, the Commisioner shall revoke any charter that fails to meet academic or financial accountability performance ratings

  • Enrolling Students Now!
  • Jamie's House Charter 9th - 12th

    17406 Bamwood Drive

    Houston, TX 77090

    (218) 866-9777

    Joshua's Learning Land, k - 4th

    8320 West Airport Blvd

    Houston, TX 77071

    (713) 773-1600

Board Members

Kimberly Hatter, President
Stephen Akhiemokhali, PhD
Karmen Green, Secretary
George Grant, Member
Don Aron, Member

Important LINKS


  • May 22 - ITT Tech Field Trip
  • May 23 - Parent Meeting, "Next Steps...."
  • May 26 - Finals (Required Bad Weather Make-Up Day)
  • May 28-29 - Finals
  • May 30 - Make Up/Extra Credit
  • June 2 - Finals
  • June 4th - Graduation and Awards Ceremony (Required Bad Weather Make-Up Day)
  • Fallbrook Church

    12512 Walters Road

    Houston, TX 77014

    Noon - 2:00pm

    Students must report to campus for attendance. Transportation will be provided by JHCS.

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